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  01: Close Encounters Of
02: S18E08 - Contact wit
03: S18E07 - Randy Crame
04: S18E06 - Time Wars
05: S18E05 - Jupiter Spa
06: S18E04 - Deeper into
07: S18E03 - Operational
08: S18E02 - Weapons of
09: S18E01 - Patrolling
10: S18E01 - Patrolling
11: JFK - Assasination
12: JFK - Secret Tapes
13: JFK - Peace Speech
14: JFK - Moon Speech
15: JFK - Secret Societi
16: JFK - Inauguration S
17: S17E08 - Threats To
18: S17E07 - Alien Abduc
19: S17E06 - Behind The
20: S17E05 - Decline Of
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· The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The Grand Illusion[ comments - 28 reads ]
· Invisible F-35 Fighter Ship[ comments - 41 reads ]
· Tesla FBI Files[ comments - 55 reads ]
· New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) Antarctica[ comments - 44 reads ]
· NASA Suspended a Live Feed After Several UFOs Were Observed Near ISS[ comments - 86 reads ]

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     cat2 New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) Antarctica
     cat2 NASA Suspended a Live Feed After Several UFOs Were Observed Near ISS
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·  5: S17E04 - Why They Are Here
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