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Project Camelot Interviews Boriska



Posted by Haze on Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:58 am Score: 0) (Read More...

Astronaut On Board of The International Space Station Filmed 3 UFO’s From The Vi


The footage you are about to see was recorded by the International Space Station in February this year.


As can be seen, an astronaut on board of the ISS captured three triangular-shaped UFOs flying in a straight line.

But what is more interesting is that these UFOs passed by very close to the ISS in a matter of seconds, something that mathematically is quite impossible.

It seems that the ISS makes these kinds of videos public more and more frequent. Are they trying to tell us something? Or maybe preparing us for something?


Have a look at the following video for more information and please don’t forget to share your opinions with us.




Posted by Haze on Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:54 am Score: 0) (comments?

U.S. Forces Flee Anunnaki In Syria


Approximately 150 United States Special Forces troops and two dozen “advisors” fled a U.S.-controlled compound in Syria’s Manbij after receiving credible reports of extraterrestrial invaders headed in their direction, according to Federal Service Bureau agent Dimitri Osmosovich.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has real-time access to global Anunnaki incursions, made an urgent call to President Trump, warning him that an Anunnaki horde had “materialized” 50km from Manbij and was travelling at breakneck speed toward the American military encampment. Although Putin loathed the American military presence in northern Syria, his animus toward malevolent extraterrestrials compelled him to warn Trump of the soldiers’ imminent demise, Osmosovich said.

“At first, Trump did not believe Putin. He thought Putin was making it up. Trump said Putin’s Anunnaki were probably Syrian Arab Army (SAA) regulars out to avenge fallen comrades and that American Special Forces could dispatch them with ease. So, Putin sent him Kremlin-classified encrypted photos and video of Anunnaki warriors slaughtering Syrian civilians near Ras al-Ayn. I understand that Trump gawked at the photos in stunned silence and thanked Putin for the information,” Osmosovich said.

An unconfirmed White House communique stated that President Trump personally contacted Gen. Richard D. Clarke, commander of United States Special Operations Command, instructing him to immediately evacuate all U.S. personnel from Manbij. When the perplexed general asked for an explanation, Trump allegedly replied, “Don’t question my authority. I’m the president. Tell your men to go, run, get to the choppers,” paraphrasing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fictional character “Dutch” from the movie Predator.

Shortly thereafter, standby helicopters from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, known as the Night Stalkers, began extracting ground forces. Others fled in Hummers or other military vehicles. Within 30 minutes of Trump’s call to Gen. Clarke, the camp was deserted, completely abandoned.

A Special Forces operator claimed to have seen a “massive, swirling sandstorm” looming in the distance. Osmosovich said the sandstorm was an impenetrable wave of Anunnaki intruders that would have overrun the compound and slaughtered all in their path had Trump not ordered the evacuation.

“At a distance of 15km, the Anunnaki stopped and vanished in thin air, probably by way of their preferred means of transport—interdimensional portals,” Osmosovich said.

Asked why the Anunnaki ceased pursuit or did not just portal into the camp, Osmosovich said the following: “The Anunnaki are capricious and unpredictable. Tactics are fluid. Every time we think we understand them, they do something new. But so do we. And maybe now your President Trump will take the Anunnaki threat seriously. The camp would have been obliterated, and the soldiers killed.”

The following day, a RT news crew visited the compound. Video footage suggests American forces made a hasty retreat, as they had left behind weapons, hardware, furniture, personal items, unfinished suppers, and even pets. An abandoned dog and a tabby cat greeted the RT team. Aida Almasi, an Arabic RT correspondent, said, “American military left so quickly, something must have scared the life out of them.”


Posted by Haze on Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:09 am Score: 0) (comments?

What We Know About The Army Teaming Up With Rockstar Tom DeLonge’s UFO Research


• In a press release on October 17th, Tom Delonge’s ‘To the Stars Academy’ (or “TTSA”) announced a cooperative research deal with the US Army. They plan to combine their resources in researching metamaterials and other high technology fields that border on the realm of science fiction. It is called the ‘Cooperative Research and Development Agreement’ or “CRADA” and ultimately falls under the Army’s ‘Futures Command’. It will be handled through the ‘Ground Vehicle System Center’ in Warren, Michigan.

• The Army’s Deputy Product Manager for Science and Technology at the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center, Dr. Joseph Cannon said, “Our partnership with TTSA serves as an exciting, non-traditional source for novel materials and transformational technologies to enhance our military ground system capabilities.” “[W]e look forward to this partnership and the potential technical innovations forthcoming.” More specifically, the Army is interested in cutting-edge developments in material science such as active camouflage, space-time metric engineering, quantum physics, and beamed energy propulsion.

• The press release mentions “novel materials” possessed by TTSA that could refer to certain ‘metamaterials’ – i.e.: engineered composites that have structural and conductive properties alien to this planet. In a 2018 SEC filing, TTSA reported paying EarthTech International, Inc. $25,000 on a “beamed energy propulsion launch system” and $35,000 for a “material analysis” program which included the “scientific evaluation of materials samples the company obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin.”

• In July 2019, TTSA announced that it had acquired metamaterials as part of its Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials program, or ADAM. They claim that these metamaterials of unknown origin have been floating around the UFO community for years. The were originally given to paranormal radio host Art Bell, who gave them to Linda Moulton Howe, who passed them along to Tom DeLonge, who sold them to TTSA for $35,000. Earlier this month, TTSA official Luis Elizondo told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the organization was already conducting tests on these objects.

• It is unclear whether TTSA has actually developed any advanced technology from its research to date, but they do have the resources at their disposal to make the US Army take them seriously. Chief Operating Officer Steve Justice, who is coordinating the effort between TTSA, the Army, and EarthTech International, had previously worked at Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works research facility. EarthTech’s founder and President is Hal Puthoff, Ph.D, who is also TTSA’s Vice President of Science & Technology. Puthoff worked for the CIA and the DIA on paranormal research including remote viewing, and has studied UFOs, extraterrestrials, and the Skinwalker Ranch.

• Former Skinwalker Ranch owner and billionaire, Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace has also been affiliated with TTSA since the days of working with Luis Elizondo under the Pentagon’s ‘Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program’ UFO study project and its’ predecessor, the DIA’s ‘Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications’ program. Bigelow is renowned for his interest in UFOs and paranormal phenomena. Under these programs, Bigelow hired Puthoff and Eric Davis, Ph.D. of EarthTech International to author research reports on advanced technology, including virtually all of the topics mentioned in the TTSA press release regarding CRADA. Mainstream scientists have deemed these advanced technologies as “junk science”.

• Under this ‘Cooperative Research and Development Agreement’ no money is exchanged between the Army and TTSA. And there will likely be no end product. The research will only yield studies and reports. So what does DeLonge and his curious group of decorated insiders from the military-industrial complex and the intelligence services expect to get from this partnership? TTSA’s COO Steve Justice said, “While the Army has specific military performance interests in the research, much of the work is expected to have dual-use application in support of TTSA’s path to commercialization and public benefit mission.” TTSA bills itself as a “revolutionary collaboration between academia, industry and pop culture to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications.” This collaboration certainly raises the profile of TTSA which is at the center of a History Channel series on UFOs and has recently announced a new round of stock offers worth up to $30 million. But the Academy’s Entertainment Division is also poised to exploit the potential commercial value of any technology breakthroughs.


The U.S. Army has confirmed that it has signed a cooperative research deal with former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, more commonly known as TTSA. Far better known for its activities investigating reports and sightings of UFOs, which are increasingly referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, this new agreement covers research into metamaterials and other high technology fields that border on the realm of science fiction.

    Tom DeLonge  (Photo by Joby Sessions/Total Guitar Magazine via Getty Images)

On Oct. 17, 2019, TTSA announced the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), which is now part of that service’s Futures Command. The public affairs office at CCDC’s Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC), situated at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan, subsequently confirmed to The War Zone that this CRADA exists and that it will be responsible for executing it.

CRADAs are unlike typical contracts and “no money exchanging hands at all” between the Army and TTSA under this present agreement, a public affairs officer at the GVSC told The War Zone. There is also “no articulated deliverable” and if a product comes out of this process, it will most likely be a written study or another similar type of report.

The ostensible goal is for Army researchers to work directly with individuals from TTSA in exploring various high technology developments, sharing resources, and any results. “TTSA’s technology solutions, which leverage developments in material science, space-time metric engineering, quantum physics, beamed energy propulsion, and active camouflage, have the potential to enhance survivability and effectiveness of multiple Army systems,” TTSA’s own press release says.

TTSA bills itself as a “revolutionary collaboration between academia, industry and pop culture to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications.” It also has an Entertainment Division that publishes works of fiction about UFOs and the paranormal, serves as the holder of intellectual property rights related to DeLonge’s new band, Angels & Airwaves, and is responsible for merchandising associated with all of these enterprises. The actual origins of the organization are murky, to say the least.

“Our partnership with TTSA serves as an exciting, non-traditional source for novel materials and transformational technologies to enhance our military ground system capabilities,” Dr. Joseph Cannon, the Deputy Product Manager for Science and Technology in the Vehicle Protection Systems division of GVSC, said in a statement. “At the Army’s Ground Vehicle Systems Center, we look forward to this partnership and the potential technical innovations forthcoming.”

This reference to “novel materials” strongly suggests that at least part of the CRADA is concerned with metamaterials. This term refers to engineered composites that have properties that do not appear in nature. It is the structure of these new materials, more than their composition that gives them these attributes, including the ability to have unique impacts on electromagnetic waves.


Posted by Haze on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:44 am Score: 0) (comments?

The Weird History of Unidentified Submerged Objects


• Recent public appearances by former U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor, the pilot who first encountered the “Tic Tac” UFO off of the coast of San Diego in November 2004, has brought up the subject of ‘Unidentified Submerged Objects’ or ‘USOs’. Whether optical illusions, mechanical malfunctions, secret government craft, or extraterrestrials – there’s a long history of USO sightings.

• In a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Fravor related a story that a fellow retired Navy helicopter pilot told him. This fellow was based at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. While recovering spent practice munitions from the water, the helicopter pilot twice spotted USOs. In the first incident, the pilot saw a “dark mass” underwater, described as big and “kinda circular”. He was certain it wasn’t a submarine. In the Navy helicopter pilot’s second incident, a practice torpedo that the pilot was sent to recover was “sucked down” into the depths of the ocean in the presence of a similar underwater object, never to be seen again.

• Fravor also says that a 79-year-old woman contacted him and told him that her father was a naval officer based at the naval station in San Francisco in the 1950s. When she was a child, her father showed her a telegram that stated unidentified objects had been seen going in and out of the water at a certain location. Her father told her, “We get these all the time, and it’s always in the same area.”

• This topic came up in the conversation because Fravor himself witnessed a USO on the day he was chasing the Tic Tac UFO off of San Diego. In fact, the only reason he noticed the Tic Tac UFO was because it was hovering over a large mysterious object sighted underwater. Fravor described the object as cross shaped and approximately the size of a Boeing 737 jetliner. He described the water above it as though it were “boiling” or “frothing,” and said the USO disappeared after it caught his attention.

• As covered in Ivan Sanderson’s 1970 book: Invisible Residents, devoted to USO sightings, on April 19, 1957, crew members aboard the Japanese fishing boat Kitsukawa Maru spotted two metallic silvery objects descending from the sky into the sea. The objects were estimated to be ten meters long, without wings of any kind, and . As violently hit the water.

• In 1963, during an anti-submarine warfare exercise off of Puerto Rico with the USS Wasp carrier group, a submarine broke off from the formation to pursue a USO. Sonar operators on one of the smaller vessels followed the chase. The operators wondered whether the USO may have been planted there by the Navy as part of the exercise, except that the object was traveling at over 150 knots (e.g.: about 175 miles per hour; modern Naval submarines can travel at 40 knots maximum) “[N]o less than [thirteen] craft,” including anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft, tracked the high-speed [USO]” to depths of 27,000 feet. Technicians kept track of this object for four days.

• In 2007, a guest on a cruise ship off of California reported to the National UFO Recording Center seeing three “nearly spherical objects” “evenly spaced” and “softly glowing” hovering just above the ocean surface as the ship passed by them. As she watched the objects, one of them “splashed down into the water and disappeared.”

• Another NUFORC report from April 2019 stated that an object resembling a “small white boat” flew up out of the ocean near Imperial Beach, California, and promptly “flew south at a very high rate of speed.”


This past weekend, former U.S. Navy Commander David Fravor was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Fravor, who was the subject of a New York Times article about his 2004 UFO sighting, discussed a spooky new sighting a fellow pilot revealed to him after they were both out of the Navy.

  Navy Commander David Fravor (Ret.)


According to Fravor, the eyewitness was a former pilot of the MH-53E Sea Dragon, the Navy version of the Marine Corps’ CH-53E Sea Stallion, based at Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, on the island of Puerto Rico. Twice while recovering spent practice munitions out of the water, the pilot spotted a weird underwater object.

In the first incident, the pilot saw a “dark mass” underwater as he and his team retrieved a flying practice drone. The pilot described the object as a “big” mass, “kinda circular,” and he was certain it wasn’t a submarine. In the pilot’s second sighting, a practice torpedo that the pilot was sent to recover was “sucked down” into the depths of the ocean in the presence of a similar underwater object. The torpedo was never seen again.

Elsewhere in the interview, Fravor reveals that a 79-year-old woman contacted him after his sighting went public. The woman explained that her father, a naval officer, was at one time based at the naval station in San Francisco in the 1950s. When she was a child, her father showed her a telegram that stated unidentified objects had been sighted going in and out of the water at a now forgotten set of latitude and longitude coordinates. The woman’s father told her, “We get these all the time, and it’s always in the same area.”

These sightings are similar to Fravor’s own sighting. According to the retired Navy pilot, the only reason he had seen the now-infamous “Tic Tac” UFO was because it was hovering above a mysterious larger object that was sighted underwater. Fravor describes the object as cross shaped and approximately the size of a Boeing 737 jetliner. He has further described the water above it as though it were “boiling” or “frothing,” and said the object disappeared after it caught his attention.

In 1970, biologist Ivan Sanderson published the book Invisible Residents. Sanderson, a noted student of unusual phenomena, devoted the book to sightings of what were later called Unidentified Submerged Objects, or USOs. USOs are defined as unknown craft that are sighted in the water, sighted rising up out of the water, or diving into the water. Sanderson catalogued scores of reports of USOs:

On the 19th of April, 1957, crew members aboard the Kitsukawa Maru, a Japanese fishing boat, spotted two metallic silvery objects descending from the sky into the sea (original emphasis). The objects, estimated to be ten meters long, were without wings of any kind. As the hit the water, they created a violent turbulence. The exact location was reported as 31° 15’ N and 143° 30’ E.


Posted by Haze on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:43 am Score: 0) (comments?

Central Bank Hints at a “Big Reset” and Reveals a Possible Solution


It’s not every day you hear a major financial institution hint at the possibility of the entire economic system collapsing.


The reason major financial institutions (and the mainstream financial media) shy away from a negative outlook on the economy is out of fear of triggering a kind of “self-fulfilling prophecy.” People stampeding to sell stocks and pull money out of banks could cause a vicious cycle of declines and losses.


And so these institutions tend to be positive, no matter what is really happening. But if a hungry bear is standing behind you in the woods, do you want to be “optimistic” and hope it isn’t there?

Maybe reality has finally started to sink in. Zero Hedge captured the stark state of the “system” by quoting an article from the Dutch Central Bank:

An article published by the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), or Dutch Central Bank, has shocked many with its claim that “if the system collapses, the gold stock can serve as a basis to build it up again. Gold bolsters confidence in the stability of the central bank’s balance sheet and creates a sense of security.”

After a part of the international banking system states the words “if the system collapses”, the obvious question to ask is:

Do they think the system will actually collapse?

Of course, it’s hard to tell exactly what will happen, and when.

That said, the DNB is moving about 31% of their gold to a military facility. They stated, “The Dutch central bank is moving part of the national gold reserves to a temporary home in Haarlem ahead of a permanent move to the new DNB Cash Centre at military premises in Zeist.”

That would be a good move in advance of a major financial crisis, if one did happen. And they aren’t the only central banking institution to move their gold in such an alarming fashion.

In 2017, Germany completed the process of repatriating its gold reserves from New York and Paris well ahead of schedule. But an article from The Street raises a red flag of concern for motive (emphasis ours):

After the financial crisis, you started seeing many European countries wanting their gold back. This whole thing started because they were more concerned about control over ownership.

Germany’s move only left 36.6% of their reserves in New York.


Inside the U.S., legislation passed in 2015 allowed Texas to repatriate its gold and create a bank in efforts to use gold and silver as legal tender.


The New American reported, “The law creating the first state-level gold-backed bank in the nation, House Bill 483, will involve repatriating about $1 billion of Texas gold from New York.”

This particular move by Texas lawmakers lays part of the groundwork necessary in case the “monetary reset” the Dutch Bank hinted at were to actually happen.

And with all of this gold flying around, and new kinds of banks being created, it begs one final and important question…

Will we get advance warning from the Federal Reserve?

If the system is heading for collapse (which the DNB is preparing for) or a monetary reset was going to be necessary, it would be nice to know in advance so you could prepare.

But that’s unlikely to be the case. Zero Hedge sarcastically observes, “We are confident that the trust-keepers of the current establishment – such as other central banks and the IMF – will be kind enough to provide ample advance notice to the citizens of the ‘developed’ world to exchange their fiat into hard assets. Or, then again, perhaps not.”

Without any notice, all you can do is stay informed and get prepared while you still have time.

One hint of things to come is buried in a 23-page speech from Mark Carney, which speaks of creating a “Synthetic Hegemonic Currency” (SHC) in efforts to end the U.S. dollar’s “destabilizing effects” as reserve currency. In that speech he said:

Widespread use of the SHC in international trade and finance would imply that the currencies that compose its basket could gradually be seen as reliable reserve assets, encouraging EMEs to diversify their holdings of safe assets away from the dollar.

So if this SHC gets widespread use, the already-weakening U.S. dollar may lose its seat on top of the reserve currency “food chain.”

Banks may return to a gold-backed monetary system in response.

Grandpa and Grandma Were Right About One Thing

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

And an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s unlikely that everything is going south tonight, but if central banks and other financial institutions are preparing for the worst, it’s a good idea to also prepare.

Consider shifting some of your wealth into hard assets like gold and silver. It could prove to be a wise (and prescient) move.


Posted by Haze on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:43 am Score: 0) (comments?

Exclusive— Stephen Miller Exposes the Deep State: ‘A Collection of Permanent Bur


Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, joined Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel this weekend to expose the deep state: forces he said are driving the effort by Democrats to proceed with impeachment against the president.

“The attempt at impeachment is best understood as a legislative coup against a democratically elected president, and the radical leftists in Congress are working arm-in-arm with the deep state saboteurs and their allies in the media in order to try to effectuate this illegal coup,” Miller said.

“Although rest assured, they will fail,” he continued. “The deep state is a collection of permanent bureaucrats enmeshed inside the federal government who can’t be fired or removed — at least historically, have not been able to be — because of misguided civil service laws. They believe they know better than you, and your listeners, and the voters how the country ought to be run. At this moment in time, the deep state has a knife aimed at the heart of American democracy, and that’s what you’re seeing playing across your TV screens and newspapers pages and online, with these so-called whistleblowers, who are, of course, in fact, angry hate-filled rage-driven bureaucrats determined to take down the President of the United States and illicitly and improperly using the Whistleblower Protection Act in order to effectuate their designs.”

Miller continued, “One of the gravest threats that we face today — and I can’t emphasize this enough — to our republican form of government is the unelected deep state, and I’ll explain what I mean by that. The Constitution of the United States, Article II, states very clearly that, and this is a quote, ‘The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.’ What that means is that the whole executive power is vested in one democratically elected person: the president. The president, who is accountable to the voters — the president, who is accountable to the American people, holds and wields the executive power. Every other person in the federal government in the executive branch is an extension of his authority, is acting as an extension of his authority delegated to them. They have no independent authority. So when a deep state bureaucrat says, ‘I don’t want Donald Trump to be president. I don’t want to effectuate his policies. I don’t want to carry out his agenda, so I will do the opposite,’ they’re violating the Constitution and they’re taking away the power of the American people to elect who heads the executive branch and what policies they implement.”

Miller said what Trump is facing would be the equivalent of a member of Congress having disloyal staff forced on them from their predecessors — people working to undermine that member’s wishes on a daily basis.

“Imagine, as an example, if a U.S. senator or congressman was elected but was saddled with staff from the previous senator or congressman that worked against them night and day to block them from carrying out the legislative agenda they campaigned on,” Miller said. “Would anybody ever tolerate that? This is the same thing happening in the executive branch, now, but played across thousands of people seated throughout the federal government, and I’ve seen this firsthand.”

Miller said in his years at President Trump’s side, he has seen up close and personal what “deep state saboteurs” do when they disagree with Trump’s policies.

“When we hold interagency briefings, and you’ll invite career folks on, like, for example, working on an issue like, say, refugee policy, and if they don’t like the direction you’re taking, they will leak and spin and lie about the contents of your meetings,” Miller said. “They’ll take it to the Washington Post and the New York Times and to MSNBC. They’ll share private documents, they’ll share private emails, they’ll share private correspondence, and then they’ll spin and fabricate and lie to create their desired narrative to try to steer policy in the direction they want to steer it in, and the most dangerous expression of this — of course, we’ve seen — has been in the intelligence community, which is amassed with awesome power, awesome capabilities, and they’re directing that and wielding that — in some cases — against a duly-elected President of the United States of America, which is a form of sabotage that should terrify everyday American citizens. That is now the situation we find ourselves in.”

Miller continued by noting that the reason these actors continue to attempt to undermine Trump is because Trump has completely upended the failures of both major political parties over the past several decades in Washington.

“The last point I’ll make about this is the why,” Miller said. “Why? Because this president dared to disrupt two-party betrayal of the American people over many decades: betrayal on trade, betrayal on China, betrayal on foreign policy, betrayal on our southern border, betrayal on our economy, decade after decade, year after year, administration after administration. This president dared to stand up to defy that betrayal — was elected to end that betrayal — but the people who profited like parasites off of that betrayal are now the ones trying to prevent him from executing the agenda that the American people installed him to execute. That’s the situation we find ourselves in today.”

From there, Miller pointed to several specific examples of saboteurs before these current so-called whistleblowers who used their positions in government to attempt to undermine Trump’s policies. At the very beginning of the administration was Sally Yates, the acting attorney general of the United States during the earliest days of the Trump administration, who refused to enact the lawful order of the travel ban at the beginning of the administration. Trump fired her as a result and then, later, the travel ban was implemented — and upheld as lawful by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Sally Yates, yeah, Sally Yates, let’s hit on that,” Miller said. “Sally Yates refused to carry out a lawful order of the president. And then she received an email — this was from back in reference to the travel ban case — she received an email from Andrew Weissman who later found himself on Mueller’s team telling her something to the effect of ‘I’ve never been more proud of you than I am today.’ That’s not an exact quote but it’s the general spirit of it — that gives you some insight into how the deep state operates.”

Miller noted that there are millions of people who work for the federal government and the vast majority of them do their job and do it well. But then there are people like Peter Strzok, the now-former FBI agent whose text messages with Lisa Page — his lover and an FBI attorney — demonstrated that the two of them were part of a broader effort to misuse the federal government perches from which they sat to attempt to create an “insurance policy” against Trump to hurt him.

“Yes, there are millions of people who are employed by the federal government and are contracted with the federal government, and enormous numbers of them are extremely patriotic people, but we also know that in the Beltway of Washington, DC, in the Maryland-Virginia area that federal employees tilt overwhelmingly left, and while a good number of them are able to set aside their personal feelings to carry out their jobs, there is quite a number of them who are not so willing, and those of them who have great power have the potential to do extraordinary damage, and exhibit A in this case is Peter Strzok,” Miller said. “Look at the emails and text messages Peter Strzok was sending. And, by the way, those were only the emails and text messages he was sending on his government device. The person at the center of the Clinton investigation and the 2016 investigation — on his government device — was texting hateful thoughts — terrible plots — against the president and the president’s supporters.”

If it was not for those text messages becoming public, Strzok would have gone on working for the FBI and probably would have continued working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team. He was removed for bias when those messages were revealed, and Miller makes the case that there are many more like him throughout the government.

“To the point about it being a deep state, who in America knew who Peter Strzok was before the text messages came out?” Miller said. “Somebody that labored behind closed doors, probably worked in secret without ever giving a sign to anyone around him but secretly working against this president, only looping in the people that he felt needed to know, now exposed to the world. But how many more Peter Strzoks are there throughout this government — throughout the intelligence community — that are doing the exact same thing that he’s doing, yet unknown and undetected? We can be certain that a few of them now are filing themselves as whistleblowers.”

Now that there are anonymous so-called “whistleblowers” from that same deep state who have — without revealing their identity while pushing false allegations against the president — sparked impeachment proceedings against the president, Miller said it is an outrage.

“It violates every notion of due process at the center of the American system of government and based upon, by the way, a conversation that we can now all read for ourselves — that we can now all see for ourselves — in an unprecedented show of transparency,” Miller said. “The president was doing nothing more than carrying out his lawful obligation as president to root out and uncover corruption, duty to faithfully execute the laws of the United States including the laws against corrupt practices and now is facing a Pelosi-led legislative coup. It’s beyond comprehension.”

To fight back against this, Miller called on all Americans to stand with President Trump.

“What people need to do is they need to support our president,” Miller said. “The battle lines are drawn. Support our president. And, tell your members of Congress that they need to support our president too. That is the single most important thing you can do.”

Miller also predicted a “Tsunami-sized backlash against the Democrats” for jumping the gun on impeachment and moving forward without the transcript or the complaint, both of which prove the president’s innocence of the claims against him.

“Adam Schiff should not be allowed in polite society,” Miller said. “He should be relegated to wearing a tin-foil hat. He was the lead proponent of this ludicrous Russia conspiracy theory against our president that has been so systematically debunked, and dismantled, and disproven at every turn but again pushed from the beginning by permanent bureaucrats and their Democrat co-conspirators. Again, the situation is indeed a grave one — but there will be a tremendous backlash against the Democrats. But understand this, for the Democrats, they want to stop this president because they want to stop his policies. They want to force back onto you open borders. They want to subjugate you under a regulatory regime that crushes your liberties. They want to enmesh in foreign conflicts all around the world. And they want to keep us in a state of economic serfdom to foreign countries trade-cheating and mercantilist policies. So, this is about the sovereignty, security, independence, and freedom of the American people.”

More from Miller’s exclusive interview with Breitbart News Sunday is forthcoming.


Posted by Haze on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:43 am Score: 0) (comments?

Navy Patents UFO-Like Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor and Hybrid Space/Sea Crafts


A mysterious set of patents filed recently by a U.S Navy researcher has caught the eyes of technologists and conspiracy theorists alike.


These patents describe exotic technologies that do not exist in the commercial or military spheres—as far as we know—and that usually only surface in UFO lore, including high-energy electromagnetic force fields, revolutionary propulsion systems, and a “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft.”

The newest patent is for a practical fusion reactor that could be stored in aircraft to help achieve unimaginable speeds and maneuverability.


The mystery around these patents continues to grow during a time in which the Navy and State Department have stunningly reversed their decades-old policy of not acknowledging UFO sightings. The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division is the home of the high-level Navy researcher, the equally mysterious Salvatore Cezar Pais, who in recent years has filed patents for supposedly operable revolutionary technologies such as  room temperature superconductor (RTSC) and the high-energy electromagnetic field generator (HEEMFG).

Perhaps the most surprising patent concerns the “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft,” which can supposedly navigate with equal precision through space, air, and water with no heat signature and “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level.”

In the patents filed, Pais has revealed that Chinese scientists are already way ahead of the United States in such fields. The reason this is a shocking admission is because military personnel, Navy officers, and air pilots have for years reported USOs (unidentified submerged objects) that seem to fly in and out of the sea at incomphrensible speeds.

The newest patent teases the discovery of the “Holy Grail” of energy production, the long-sought nuclear fusion reactor, which could revolutionize life on Earth by creating a sustainable long-term fuel source and reduce radioactive waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, scientists do not know how to manage systems that utilize high-pressure plasma in the range of hundreds of millions of degrees Fahrenheit and can only create split second controlled nuclear fusion reactions.

However, the patent for Pais’ “Plasma Compression Fusion Device,” which was only disclosed September 26, 2019 states:

“At present there are few envisioned fusion reactors/devices that come in a small, compact package (ranging from 0.3 to 2 meters in diameter) and typically they use different versions of plasma magnetic confinement. Three such devices are the Lockheed Martin (LM) Skunk Works Compact Fusion Reactor (LM-CFR) , the EMC2 Polywell fusion concept, and the Princeton Field-Reversed Configuration (PFRC) machine. […] These devices feature short plasma confinement times, possible plasma instabilities with the scaling of size, and it is questionable whether they have the ability of achieving the break – even fusion condition, let alone a self-sustained plasma burn leading to ignition.”


Posted by Haze on Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:28 am Score: 0) (comments?

Admins News Update!


Hello Disclosure Community! I Would Like To Thank All Of Our New Members,And I Hope Everyone Finds There Way Around.We Are Working Hard To Update And Bring You All Kinds Of Cool Things To Read Watch And Share.If Anyone Is Interested In Joining The Admin Team In Our Forums Section Be Sure To Send Us An Email .........


~~~~~Much Love And Light To All Of You Best Wishes~~~~~


Posted by Haze on Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:33 am 1 comment | Score: 0) (Read More...

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